Saturday, September 18, 2010

Quilt challenge cont

I definitely have been watching "Say Yes to the Dress" way too much. This is the only explanation I have for conjuring up two circles in whites . I did not get documente the first circle.
I layered heavy netting on top of a spokes of sequins The center is 3mm sequins then padded pearl cotton surrounded by 8mm fluted sequins.

Circle II -- I drew my design then pinned the lace over the it. Using the tambour hook I stitched around the area I wanted to remain and cut the rest away. I then stitched around the area again to secure it and clean up the loose ends. I sewed tiny crystal beads over the spots on the lace. 

The design in the center was toooo complicated so I simplified it and stitched it in a variety of threads and ribbon. Here is the finished circle.


Plays with Needles said...

Oooohhhh!! Shirlee it is coming along beautifully. TDF! You must be having so much fun!

Maureen said...

I love this Shirlee!!!