Sunday, January 25, 2015

Grow Your Blog 2015
Welcome to the Party sponsored by Vicky Boster creator of the Two Bags Full Blog.  
My name is Shirlee Fassell and I am an embroidery "holic"
I have studied many forms of embroidery my entire life but it became a serious addiction when I retired in 1998.   I continued taking class in different types of embroidery and was making my second crazy quilt when I attended my first class at the Ecole Lesage, Paris France , in 2007.   I was literally HOOKed on the tambour technique or as the French call it the Lunéville Hook.
There is a video on my side bar showing the tambour technique.
image from
I have incorporated the couture embroidery techniques I am learning in France along with my years of embroidery experience to create my own unique art quilts. I have also been sewing clothing and embroidering it as well as anything else I can get on a frame.
The following is some of my work:
This is a tracing of my left hand.  Pat Winter is making a wall hanging of hands and this is my contribution. 


This is part of my February 8" circle for the CQJP2015 listed on my side bar.
This is a sweater I purchased on sale at AnnTaylor.  I mounted a piece of Sticky Wet N Melt stabilizer on a frame and embroidered a free from design on one side. 

A Jacket I made using a Burda pattern and a vintage felted wool blanket.  I embroidered the collar and cuffs with and an original design using a tambour hook.. 
Flower pins make from metal organza, sequins and beads.  Pattern from Lesage level IV design.
Couture Circle quilt 2012.

If you want more views the items are listed on my sidebar.  
Leave a comment and your name will be put in a drawing to win one of the flower pins shown above.  

Thursday, January 22, 2015

I joined the CQJP2015 to give myself the goal of making a new  quilt/wall hanging this year. 
     This is my January 8" circle. 

I just realized when I took the picture there was a black flower to the right of the square mother of pearl button that is just laying there.  It doesn't belong but I am too lazy to take another picture without it!!