Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Welcome to Day Four of the 
Superpower Blog Hop .

I did not know when I took tambour hook classes that it was going to be an addition.   It has become my passion, my addition and I consider it my  SUPERPOWER!!!
 This is a doodle experimenting with different shades and kinds of metallic machine embroidery threads and sequins.

Medieval she dog

Sequin scales

Flower design for a purse

Rows of chain stitches and rivers of sequins.

2mm tiny sequins

Rows of beads and sequins for the background on my "Ravel" quilt 
 This is a class piece from Lesage. The tambour hook was used to do the gold work.  I wanted to show  the use of  DMC floss.   The flowers in lavender , and the dark and medium pink use 6 strands of DMC.  The light pink and dark purple is raffia, and the leaves are chenille.

  This is the piece I am currently working on.  I am making this wall hanging for my son who is a modern kind of kid.  Sorry to say it is still in progress.  The weather today was rainy and not a good day to take pictures.  

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I’d like to thank Madam SammDMC and Pauline for organizing and sponsoring another great Blog Hop.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Two projects finished a million to go!!

My Form and Draping class is over.  The dress form is completed and I also learned some very basic draping and pattern adjustment skills.  The class, part of the Master Seamstress program at the University of Rhode Island , was well done and I am really tempted to take additional classes.  It is a 2 hour drive from my house so it will have to be something I am really interested in doing... maybe a Chanel jacket!!

I also finished the purse I was designing.  It turned out to be a real stash buster!! I finished beading the pocket on the front that I received as a gift (see previous post),  the brown leather was from an on-line tambour beader friend that passed away and left me his supplies, and the side panels was a remnant from a finger labyrinth I made for our church fair.
Back view
Shoulder Strap
Side view
Inside pocket ... another left over 
I have been using it for the past week.  The front pocket is made with steel cut beads so I have to be careful and not get it wet. 
It is pretty sturdy but it was not sewn on a professional sewing machine so I have to be gentle.  
Spring is in the air at least I am wishing and hoping it will be and
I will change to another "springier" bag!

Monday, March 10, 2014

Ruffle Ruffle Ruffle

First of all I would like to 
Thank cheerleader Amy at Sew Incredibly Crazy 
Madam Samm at Sew We Quilt
for sponsoring  this great blog hop

Today is the day 11 and I am Ready to ruffle!!!!!!!!!!!

This is how much I love ruffles!!

Lace ruffle around my Crazy Quilt  "Vintage Vignettes"... 
finalist in the 2007    $100,000 Quilt Challenge magazine.   
 Ruffle Flower made in a class taught by Candice Kling.
Rows of silk ribbon ruffles forming the flower petals.....Ravel Quilt.
Ruffled red tulle under the velvet petal ...Ravel Quilt
 Ruffled leaves .... Couture Circle Quilt

Lace ruffle on a Crazy Quilt Christmas stocking 
 Tulle ruffle ... Psychedelic Circle Quilt
Ribbon ruffle flowers  with #18 beads sewn around the ruffle... Psychedelic Circle Quilt
Mokuba ribbon ruffle flowers 

Pink tulle ruffles ... Couture Circle Quilt
Yellow organdy ruffle around the center ... Couture Circle Quilt

Now onto the new ruffle especially for this event.........
I used 
1 1/2 yards of Mokuba ribbon
1 1/2 yards of river silk ribbon
Bast the ribbons together along the edge and gather.  Starting in the center carefully sew the ruffle  around and around and around until

The rest of the "rufflers" for today are:

March 11

Hope you enjoyed the ruffles.... I certainly am enjoying the HOP...

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Winner of Grow Your Blog give away IS..........

Before I announce the winner of the GYB give away I want to show the progress I have made on my dress form.  First I covered the form with a heavy jersey fabric.  Then I located the bust, waist, hip, shoulder, center back and front lines and marked them with twill tape.  The class was supposed to be Friday but due to Mother Nature it was canceled till next week.
The quilt in the background is Psychedelic Circles.

The class entitled Form and Draping is sponsored by the University of Rhode Island.

 A HUGE thank you to 
Vicki Boster

 for organizing the Grow Your Blog Party.  I not only have "grown my blog by twenty some new followers but I have found nearly that many great new blogs to follow!!

The winner of the GYB give away is the comment left by  Liniecat @ Large.  I have e-mailed her and am waiting her address.
Feathered Lady  

Monday, February 10, 2014

Not a pretty picture continued........

Once the form was filled with foam and dried the bottom had to be EVENLY sawed off..... Thankfully my husband has a hand saw and a steady hand.  My body is uneven/crooked and I probably didn't stand the straightest when the the I was being plastered!!  But it is as straight as we could get it.
The interior of the form had been coated with Vaseline before being filled with the foam thus allowing the  plaster gauze to be  peeled off  without too much trouble.  

The form was washed to remove the Vaseline, filed and sanded and holes filled and sanded and etc. until smooth.

The bottom of the form and the base have been coated with wood glue and weighted down.  Hopefully by Wednesday morning the glue will be dried and I can cover it with Jersey Fabric and mark the waste, hips shoulders etc with twill tape.  This needs to be finished so I can bring it to my next class on Friday.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Not a Pretty Picture!!

This week has been busy every with everything but what I want to do STITCH!!

SO the purse is at a standstill....................
                        but last Friday I started a new class.   I signed up for a "Form and Draping" class last year.  It's at the University of Rhode Island (only a 2 hour Drive) and is part of the their Master Seamstress Program.  I want to start sewing clothes to embroider so I decided to invest in a dress form.  At the first class you strip to your undies and then you are covered with a plastic bag. The instructor and her helper coat you with plaster bandages. They partially dry very quickly and the form is cut off your body.  Then the two halves are dried more thoroughly with the aid of a blow dryer.  Once dry you stitch the front and back together and the seams are cover with more bandages and dried.   
You take the form home letting it dry completely.  So here it is on my dining room table.  Today I coated the inside with Vaseline YUCK!!  Next I will close the neck and arm holes with more bandages and once dried coat the inside with Vaseline.  When I return to class tomorrow the form will be filled with foam.
 (The Vaseline will allow the bandages to be easily removed from the hardened foam).
To be Continued.....no eye candy here!!

Monday, January 27, 2014

Lots of things happening this month.  I am teaching a class in Tambour  in February and also taking a "Form and Draping" Class at the URI. Too much in my head to work on a "big" project so I decided to work on a someone else's abandoned project.

It all started in September I went to the Textile show at the Host Hotel in Sturbridge with Maureen Greeson.  During the show I spotted this beaded purse.  The side pictured below was finished up to the 3 flowers at the top of the basket of flowers and there was a box containing the beads and blank other side.  I really wanted it, but I have developed the ability of late to resist temptation, so I walked on.
 Had a great time at the show and when I was dropping Maureen off at her house on my way home she popped a bag from the back seat and wallah!!!  She presented me with the purse saying she wanted me to have it and it was just something I could look at... and not to worry about finishing.
Easier said then done!!!  There were not enough beads to finish the other side so I decided to finish this side and make it a pouch in a leather bag.  

I found a pattern and modified it to accommodate the beaded pouch.   I used the dark brown leather that my late friend Adrian had sent me and mounted it on the frame with a gusset from green heavy fake ultra suede.

This is how the pouch will be attached to the bag... still thinking about the sides.. needs something.

On the back I embroidered a basket to carry the theme.  The flowers are on the side and will be cut out and attached to the basket.

a small flower grouping on the gusset... plus?? 

Today Dr's appts and stitching later.
I want to thank everyone for The GYBParty!!!  Welcome to my new followers and I am happy to have new blogs to follow....I checked everyone of the 575 or whatever the number was out.