Tuesday, July 22, 2014

 Lately I have been in a funk so to speak.  Trying to figure out the Lier Lace  fillings with some success but so many stitches.  Guess I am lazy!!   The main reason is that two good friends of mine and one of my daughters 15 year old friend passed away in the last month.  My sadness has dried up my creative juices.
Instead of vegetating on the couch and eating.... 
I have decided to clean/organizing my stash and eat!!
Here is one area that I have organized and filled the draws with odd sized beads larger then size 11 and weird shaped sequins. On top of the bookcase is a glass Christmas tree that I put all my glass buttons in.
You can see why I didn't sign up for the "where artists create blog hop".   Its not too pretty!!  Lately every time I see one of those little metal boxes or other cabinets that tools usually live in I acquire it with the intention of cleaning it up and painting it.  I have managed to clean them but the paint part takes more energy then 
I care to put into it right now.  

I also have a map chest with 16 drawers.  In the top draw are six plastic inserts arranged in two piles of three.  I did crazy quilting for a long time and collected lots of buttons etc.  I particularly like the flowers and the kitty faces on the extreme right.

This is just some of the top draw..... One down and 15  to go!!! I have realized that if I never bought another bead, button, or sequin again it would be too soon!!
Hope everyone is enjoying their summer.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Well I have been plugging away on my Lier Lace sampler.  It's a lot of stitches!!! A whole lot.........
The top row left got a little wonkie so I will have to pull it out.  I decided to take a rest and go onto something else I am working on. 
This has quelled my fears about working on tulle and given me some knowledge about how to mount the tulle on the frame.  So I decided to experiment on regular tulle from my stash.

 The flower I am working on is a carnation ... maybe ... The bottom three layers will be tulle outlined in gold metallic thread.  I have not figured out a good way to transfer the design onto the tulle so I traced the flower and cut it out of heavy paper.  Then I sewed it to the tulle and outlined it in the metallic thread.  Next I will carefully cut them out of the tulle. 
The flower designs I am working on are traced  onto  silk organza.
 I used a new pen to transfer the design (Pilot  FriXion erasable) I purchased at a textile show that disappears when heat is applied... and it does!

The top of the flower will be the gold velvet outlined in tiny size 15 gold steal cut beads I hoard.  The design is Persian and symmetrical.  so I am doing all the fun stuff first before I trace the whole design onto the organza background and add the flowers.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Last Friday I was the featured artist at  the Windowbox Boutique in Stafford Springs CT.  On the  second Friday of each month the main street is alive with people.  The local theater had the doors wide open and had a live jazz band playing.  The shops were open and many featured artists of one type or another and had goodies to munch on.   It was a great time.  I did demo's and had my quilt on display and made some flowers to sell.

Great time!!

My newest adventure!!
 Ever since I found this book on Lier Lace, which is made using a tambour hook, I have been intrigued with it.  I found a website http://www.liersekant.be/lierlace.htm left several messages but got no reply.  

Several weeks ago I got an e-mail from a follower in Germany looking for some information and in our correspondence she mentioned another teacher of  Lier and gave me her website.
The teachers name is Fie van Dyk and has a website
 lierse-kant.com.   I ordered the books with of course the English translation and threads and tulle.
It took me all day Saturday to figure out how to mount the tulle so it was square.  The sampler below is the suggested  piece for the introduction to Lier Lace.
One chain stitch in every "!@#***" hole!
Perhaps my biggest lesson is that all tulle is not created equal.  I have attempted to embroider on Joanne's Fabrics cheep tulle with a little success.  This is cotton tulle....what color can I dye it??? ... and is $80.00 a meter 

Thursday, May 29, 2014

I am probably obsessed with everything Lesage but I came across these pictures on the net the other day and I couldn't stop myself from copying them .  I would credit the place I got them but I am sure by the angle they were taken that the person was sitting and took them without permission. 

Professional course for Interior Decorating (150 hours of classroom training):
Level V "Cachemir" working with leather and can be made into an Obi Belt (30 hours of classroom training):
Level VI "Butterflies"working silk with the Luneville (tambour) Hook.  (30 hours of classroom training):
Level VIII "Giveny"  Totally beautiful ... the background is all sequins and chain stitch.  The silk flowers and leaves are sewn on. 
(42 hours of classroom training):

I guess I have to examine every detail or these beauties as I have no plans at this time to take another class.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

I love working with Raffia and when I came across these large 25mm cabochon stones at Beads East I loved them and saw flower centers!!  They were expensive ..... happily for me they were on sale, but sadly for me Beads East is going wholesale and will not be open to the public after June 1.  
Anyway I worked up some wacky flowers and now have to mount and frame them.
This is also Brimfield week!!
Had a great time ... starting on Monday with the textile show at the Host Hotel in Sturbridge MA and then onto Brimfield Antique and Flea Mkt. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and only part of Friday as we wimped out with the rain!!  Lots of nail-heads, sequins, buttons and just plain weird stuff!!
The top left is a $2 feathered hat that would make the beginnings of  a fabulous birds nest.  I love looking at the nests that Vicki of two bags full  makes and dream that some day I may make one ... or not....  anyway I have the beginnings of one so some day I may!!

This 3 yard piece of Edwardian trim doesn't look like much and was not in the best shape but it has the sweetest oval nail-heads ranging in size from 3mm to 6mm.
To close just wanted to show you the "selfi" my dauther took of us on Sunday.  Faces and shoes!!  She posted it on Facebook with a lovely note.
Love you Sabrina you touched my heart!!!

Monday, April 28, 2014

Modern Wall Hanging

My son is a modern young man .... you  know sleek leather couches no fru fru modern art etc. so  I am experimenting with a modern art
wall hanging.

I have taken multiple pictures ....  none very good.  Its hard to photograph black and shiny.  I am still working on the background.

A few close ups

Today I will  put my chop on the bottom and finish the black beading background.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Welcome to Day Four of the 
Superpower Blog Hop .

I did not know when I took tambour hook classes that it was going to be an addition.   It has become my passion, my addition and I consider it my  SUPERPOWER!!!
 This is a doodle experimenting with different shades and kinds of metallic machine embroidery threads and sequins.

Medieval she dog

Sequin scales

Flower design for a purse

Rows of chain stitches and rivers of sequins.

2mm tiny sequins

Rows of beads and sequins for the background on my "Ravel" quilt 
 This is a class piece from Lesage. The tambour hook was used to do the gold work.  I wanted to show  the use of  DMC floss.   The flowers in lavender , and the dark and medium pink use 6 strands of DMC.  The light pink and dark purple is raffia, and the leaves are chenille.

  This is the piece I am currently working on.  I am making this wall hanging for my son who is a modern kind of kid.  Sorry to say it is still in progress.  The weather today was rainy and not a good day to take pictures.  

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I’d like to thank Madam SammDMC and Pauline for organizing and sponsoring another great Blog Hop.