Saturday, May 5, 2018


I have been waiting for the summer issue of 
to come out before I blogged much more about the wall hanging I made for my niece for Christmas. It is featured in the  magazine.
*{you can order your copy by clicking on this link}

Each of the nine large hexagons has a rooster button hence the name Cock-a-doodle-doo.  I added the center hexagon of yellow velvet with French knots to each for continuity. 

Smaller Hexagons


the back

Pipping, white rickrack trim, and beading around the front edges.   
All the green beads and yellow thread were applied with a Tambour hook. (The white organza had the design of white threads on it and I outlined them in the yellow.)

The quilt is in its forever home and is well loved!

Monday, April 16, 2018

Still trying to stay off Facebook!
Sadly a lot of the blogs I used to follow no longer post so in my search for new blogs I have found some needlepoint bloggers.  This is the last needlepoint I did.  It was started when I retired in 1998 and finished in 2002 and was my first blog post.  In the years since I discovered many different types of embroidery and no longer do needlepoint. 
This is a hand painted needlepoint canvas of Snow-White running from the wicked queen...

"Now the poor child was all, all alone in the great forest, and so terrified that she stared at all the leaves on the trees and didn't know what to do. She began to run, and ran over the sharp stones and through the thorns, and the wild beasts sprang past her, but they did her no harm."*
The canvas measures 18" by 30" and is 26 count pettipoint.
For many years while still gainfully employed I took needlepoint lessons from a local shop.  The owner had this canvas hand painted for her own personal use.  When she closed the shop I purchased the canvas from her.  
When I was working the canvas and started the animals I went to the local library to get pictures of animals to get some ideas of how to stitch them.  I was in the children's department and came upon this book

*Snow-White and the Seven Dwarfs by Randall Jarrell

I opened the book and looked through it and almost fell over when I got to the center fold.
I checked it out of the library renewing it several times before I went on line and bought a copy I could keep.                                                                                                                                         

Love my little turkey-work bunny lower right hand corner. 

Snow-Whites face and neck are done on slips of flesh colored cotton over pieces of cardboard cut to the shape of the face and neck.   A combination of stitches and micro pen were used to delineate the features.   I used a combination of Krenik blending filament and floss to get the sparkly haze above her head and through the trees.                                                                                                              

The animals, leaves, berries, flowers, and pods were done in various embroidery stitches.  Background in basket weave stitch.                                                                                                         

I did leave out a few animals I just couldn't capture to my satisfaction.

I have not blogged about my last project of 2017 Cock-A-Doodle-Doo because it is being featured in the summer issue of Pam Kellogg's Crazy Quilt Magazine.   I also have just finished another project that I can't share right now.  
I have cleaned and sort of organized my "stuff" so it time to find a new project!

Monday, February 19, 2018

Flower Palozza!  

  I is finished the wall hanging for my goddaughter that I had worked on over most of 2017.   I was very happy with the way it came out and had become very attached to it.  I knew she would be away over the holidays so I didn't mail it to her  until several days before Christmas.     In January I received a wonderful thank you note that made it all worthwhile!!!
Here are a few shots.  It will be in next issue of Pam Kellogg's Crazy Quilt quarterly magazine so I don't want to give it all away.

My local Library is opening a crafting corner and asked me to put some items for sale in it so I made a few flower pins.  

I am sad that blogging has fallen off and people are using Facebook etc.  I know I am guilty of not posting much either.  Will try to be better about it!

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Some progress on my reclaimed quilt wall hanging Cock-a-doodle-doo!  I have incorporated the rooster buttons in each.   I have finished the other 4 but not yet uploaded the pictures.

Monday, January 2, 2017

Happy New Year 
Started reclaiming and  embellishing a damaged quilt I bought at Brimfield over this past summer.   The first step is just some basic outlining.  This is done two of the nine Hexies I will be using.   

Trying to enhance these little flowers ... tried beads, French knots, maybe ribbon.

New Years day we always go to an Antique Show in Glastonbury CT.  The show was mostly jewelry and Primitives with only a few textile dealers.  I was looking for buttons that would have a thirties vibe.  Here's what I found!   Don't know why but I couldn't resist a small box of rooster buttons.  Roosters in red, pink, yellow, green, blue, brown, and black in all different sizes.    The face button  ,the spastic tennis player, and the red and clear glass buttons I thought fit the bill.

Just might call the wall hanging Cock-a-doodle-doo!