Sunday, May 29, 2011

Putting it together!!!

 I really dread the idea of putting my "Crazy Art Quilt" together!!!  The thought of it terrifies me..... so in the interest of procrastination I made some motifs that people had asked me to make.  The first one is gold, the second is chocolate (tortoise shell sequins) and the third is red.  The pictures of the second two just would not cooperate and rotate in an upright position.

Just to prove to you all that I have indeed been working on my project I have put a 1/4 inch pipping all around then I added a 4" green sashing piped on the outside with the same gold.  The black lace I bought eons ago at Delectable Mountain Cloth is going over the green.  I have one more side to go.   The colors look "blah" in  the pictures but I think it is going to look really pretty!!!   at least I hope sooooo!             

Wishing everyone a safe and meaningful Memorial Day!!!! 

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Crazy Art Quilt

This week was spent walking around the Brimfield Flea/Antique Market and I got some treasures!!  The sequins in the first circle were found on Monday at the vintage textile show in Sturbridge MA.  The second table I came to had a this pile of wonderful sequins.  They are about  5mm crinkly maroon (although they may look orange in the picture) and I believe they have gold leaf sprinkled on them...  I couldn't resist!!!!!!   They were just in time to adorn one of the last three circles.  I replaced what I had originally done and added them.

Sorry for the lint ... the velvet I used in the squiggles around the circle does a lot of shedding.  I also found the pink size 15 faceted steel cut metal beads I used in my chop on Monday.  These are the last 3 circles!!! 

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Crazy Art Quit

At the Adventure in Crazy Quilting in CT last month Susan Elliott took some pictures of my quilt and I would like to share them with you all...




Thank you Susan for the wonderful pictures...  

I have just been asked and agreeded to teach a class in Tambour hook next year....   I will have a link to the class and other events as soon as everything is firmed up.