Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My "stitching starting in 1998

This is the project I started when I retired in 1998. Hand painted needlepoint 26 gauge canvas of Snow White running from the wicked queen...
"Now the poor child was all, all alone in the great forest, and so terrified that she stared at all the leaves on the trees and didn't know what to do. She began to run, and ran over the sharp stones and through the thorns, and the wild beasts sprang past her, but they did her no harm."*
I called this my shroud because I was convinced I would work on it until I died. It took me 3 years to complete along with other projects.
*Snow-White and the Seven Dwarfs by Randall Jarrell


  1. Hey, Shirlee, you're a blogger!!!! Great!

  2. Hi Shirlee

    I have been following your work thru Maureen for the last few years. You do beautiful work and I will be very happy to read your blog and see more of your work. That needlepoint picture must have been a dilly to do with all the small leaves, bushes, etc. Turned out beautiful.