Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Flowers from the Past

Long before I took the class with Candace Kling I was making and arranging flowers. I think some of these are from her book.

This has been in the reject draw since 2009. Maureen Greeson** spotted it in the picture Susan Elliott took of me and posted on her blog. She said I was holding out on her so here it is.

I wish I remember where I got the gold wire ribbon with the metal edge!!!

Welcome to all of you who saw the wonderful pictures of my quilt on Susan Elliott's' blog. Susan is a wonderful photographer and made the quilt I have looked at for the past 3 years look new to me again.

Thanks for looking......

Friday, November 12, 2010

Candace Kling

Here is the tail end of report on the Candace Kling workshop. It was a truly wonderful experience. Candice is a true artist ... I knew all of the ladies taking the class with the exception of Susan Elliot .... ... she is as delightful in person as her blog . All in all it was great fun facilitated by a gracious host Maureen Greeson.

After the class was over, and I finished all of my ribbons I had an inkling of something I had long ago read that was not in the ribbon section (HA HA) of my library. I love to collect old stuff about embroidery etc. and lo and behold I had found a treasure that I never fully appreciated until now.
This is a correspondence course in ribbon work copyright 1916.

Now I have to read it alllllll.................