Thursday, May 29, 2014

I am probably obsessed with everything Lesage but I came across these pictures on the net the other day and I couldn't stop myself from copying them .  I would credit the place I got them but I am sure by the angle they were taken that the person was sitting and took them without permission. 

Professional course for Interior Decorating (150 hours of classroom training):
Level V "Cachemir" working with leather and can be made into an Obi Belt (30 hours of classroom training):
Level VI "Butterflies"working silk with the Luneville (tambour) Hook.  (30 hours of classroom training):
Level VIII "Giveny"  Totally beautiful ... the background is all sequins and chain stitch.  The silk flowers and leaves are sewn on. 
(42 hours of classroom training):

I guess I have to examine every detail or these beauties as I have no plans at this time to take another class.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

I love working with Raffia and when I came across these large 25mm cabochon stones at Beads East I loved them and saw flower centers!!  They were expensive ..... happily for me they were on sale, but sadly for me Beads East is going wholesale and will not be open to the public after June 1.  
Anyway I worked up some wacky flowers and now have to mount and frame them.
This is also Brimfield week!!
Had a great time ... starting on Monday with the textile show at the Host Hotel in Sturbridge MA and then onto Brimfield Antique and Flea Mkt. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and only part of Friday as we wimped out with the rain!!  Lots of nail-heads, sequins, buttons and just plain weird stuff!!
The top left is a $2 feathered hat that would make the beginnings of  a fabulous birds nest.  I love looking at the nests that Vicki of two bags full  makes and dream that some day I may make one ... or not....  anyway I have the beginnings of one so some day I may!!

This 3 yard piece of Edwardian trim doesn't look like much and was not in the best shape but it has the sweetest oval nail-heads ranging in size from 3mm to 6mm.
To close just wanted to show you the "selfi" my dauther took of us on Sunday.  Faces and shoes!!  She posted it on Facebook with a lovely note.
Love you Sabrina you touched my heart!!!