Monday, April 28, 2014

Modern Wall Hanging

My son is a modern young man .... you  know sleek leather couches no fru fru modern art etc. so  I am experimenting with a modern art
wall hanging.

I have taken multiple pictures ....  none very good.  Its hard to photograph black and shiny.  I am still working on the background.

A few close ups

Today I will  put my chop on the bottom and finish the black beading background.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Welcome to Day Four of the 
Superpower Blog Hop .

I did not know when I took tambour hook classes that it was going to be an addition.   It has become my passion, my addition and I consider it my  SUPERPOWER!!!
 This is a doodle experimenting with different shades and kinds of metallic machine embroidery threads and sequins.

Medieval she dog

Sequin scales

Flower design for a purse

Rows of chain stitches and rivers of sequins.

2mm tiny sequins

Rows of beads and sequins for the background on my "Ravel" quilt 
 This is a class piece from Lesage. The tambour hook was used to do the gold work.  I wanted to show  the use of  DMC floss.   The flowers in lavender , and the dark and medium pink use 6 strands of DMC.  The light pink and dark purple is raffia, and the leaves are chenille.

  This is the piece I am currently working on.  I am making this wall hanging for my son who is a modern kind of kid.  Sorry to say it is still in progress.  The weather today was rainy and not a good day to take pictures.  

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I’d like to thank Madam SammDMC and Pauline for organizing and sponsoring another great Blog Hop.