Friday, September 3, 2010

What to Blog About??

I am trying to work on this blog thing and deciding that I will put my past work under different categories - when I figure out how - and meanwhile post daily stuff on what I am currently or not so currently doing.
Actually this is seriously cutting into my stitching time!!!
When I finished my first class at Ecole Lesage I attempted to purchase materials from them for my own projects. The threads and sequins they use are difficult if not impossible to duplicated. The French are like no other they will not sell you any supplies. Thus began my quest to find said materials. I tried out loads of metallic threads, embroidery and machine and found Floriani premium metallic work well. The practice piece below was done using the the Floriani brand.
Since then I returned for additional classes and was there at monthly tour of the workroom. We were not allowed to take pictures of the channel fashions in progress but were allowed to take pictures of anything else... here they are.
Only a few of the stock rooms!!
I also found a bin of threads ... so I had my answer they use Madeira... I ordered a spool of the gold 33 pictured here. The only size available was 5000meters. Needless to say I have enough for a lot of projects.

Here is where you can buy great sequins.... That's my husbands reflection in the glass of the door.
Think its time to go to the gym so I can get back to stitching!!!

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