Sunday, February 16, 2014

Winner of Grow Your Blog give away IS..........

Before I announce the winner of the GYB give away I want to show the progress I have made on my dress form.  First I covered the form with a heavy jersey fabric.  Then I located the bust, waist, hip, shoulder, center back and front lines and marked them with twill tape.  The class was supposed to be Friday but due to Mother Nature it was canceled till next week.
The quilt in the background is Psychedelic Circles.

The class entitled Form and Draping is sponsored by the University of Rhode Island.

 A HUGE thank you to 
Vicki Boster

 for organizing the Grow Your Blog Party.  I not only have "grown my blog by twenty some new followers but I have found nearly that many great new blogs to follow!!

The winner of the GYB give away is the comment left by  Liniecat @ Large.  I have e-mailed her and am waiting her address.
Feathered Lady  

Monday, February 10, 2014

Not a pretty picture continued........

Once the form was filled with foam and dried the bottom had to be EVENLY sawed off..... Thankfully my husband has a hand saw and a steady hand.  My body is uneven/crooked and I probably didn't stand the straightest when the the I was being plastered!!  But it is as straight as we could get it.
The interior of the form had been coated with Vaseline before being filled with the foam thus allowing the  plaster gauze to be  peeled off  without too much trouble.  

The form was washed to remove the Vaseline, filed and sanded and holes filled and sanded and etc. until smooth.

The bottom of the form and the base have been coated with wood glue and weighted down.  Hopefully by Wednesday morning the glue will be dried and I can cover it with Jersey Fabric and mark the waste, hips shoulders etc with twill tape.  This needs to be finished so I can bring it to my next class on Friday.