Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Vacation is over!!

 I really have not been vacationing but have been stitching and experimenting.  I have my next circle quilt drafted.  I am using a gold spotted organza layered over various colors (10 different shades) of lame.  The organza mutes the loud colors of the lame and makes the organza change color and shine.  I have purchased several background fabrics and am not sure yet which one I will use...  Actually I am still looking

 The above sequins are "pailettes a l'ecaille" . I have been discussing this stitch with another Lesage grad and blogger Jess .  She gave me some tips but I have not been very successful pulling this off using the Hook so I used a needle and applied them one at a time.  I am happy with the "scaly" results.
The circles measure 5 to 8 inches each and  I am doing most individually.  Two groups overlap so I will do those as a unit.

 This is a repeat of the repeating motif I will do in light medium and dark shades.
 I have a paper pattern of the layout of the quilt and this circle is laying on the pattern in its place.
I had the raffia flowers I did for my friends birthday framed in plain black as she wanted.  My chop is surrounded by forget-me-nots her favorite..

Back to my circles..........