Tuesday, July 22, 2014

 Lately I have been in a funk so to speak.  Trying to figure out the Lier Lace  fillings with some success but so many stitches.  Guess I am lazy!!   The main reason is that two good friends of mine and one of my daughters 15 year old friend passed away in the last month.  My sadness has dried up my creative juices.
Instead of vegetating on the couch and eating.... 
I have decided to clean/organizing my stash and eat!!
Here is one area that I have organized and filled the draws with odd sized beads larger then size 11 and weird shaped sequins. On top of the bookcase is a glass Christmas tree that I put all my glass buttons in.
You can see why I didn't sign up for the "where artists create blog hop".   Its not too pretty!!  Lately every time I see one of those little metal boxes or other cabinets that tools usually live in I acquire it with the intention of cleaning it up and painting it.  I have managed to clean them but the paint part takes more energy then 
I care to put into it right now.  

I also have a map chest with 16 drawers.  In the top draw are six plastic inserts arranged in two piles of three.  I did crazy quilting for a long time and collected lots of buttons etc.  I particularly like the flowers and the kitty faces on the extreme right.

This is just some of the top draw..... One down and 15  to go!!! I have realized that if I never bought another bead, button, or sequin again it would be too soon!!
Hope everyone is enjoying their summer.