Saturday, August 29, 2015

My latest project is a vase of flowers for a church altar.
It measures 22" by 30".
I used the techniques I learned at the Ecole Lesage to apply the sequins and beads. Each flower is an applique ... that is they are embroidered on silk organza first then cut out and sewn to the background.
closeup - sorry this is not rotated!!

It is not done yet.  The  blue flower in the center is missing its center which I have completed but somehow lost.  Also more leaves and two side panels which are still in my head!!

Sunday, August 2, 2015

I have been busy with life and embroidery.  I did a page for Pam Kellogg's 2016 Calendar which will come out in September and I entered a Crazy quilt challenge.  I can't show the calendar page yet but here is the challenge block.  The entry was due June 1.   Among the items in the challenge kit were 11 different gingham fabrics that had to be include.  I though I was most clever to pull out my Arlene Baker flower mold and make gingham flowers.

Well there is a sad ending to this story.  I made repeated contacts with the challenge person who advertised and sold the kits to find out when the winners would be announced.  Each time there was a horrible event that  happened in this persons life that  prevented the finalization of the contest and the announcement of the results.  I felt petty for asking any further and finally just asked for a refund of the kit price.   Actually when you read the fine print it said when the entry was due but did not spell out when the winner would be announced.  So buyer beware!!!
My luck with CQ Round Robbins (never getting your block back) and now entering a contest, putting in a lot of thought and work with no result makes me want to swear off both. 
I am a little behind on my  CQJP 2015 this is Mays entry not quit finished

We have been making some day trips this is the Bridge of Flowers in Shelburn Falls MA.  It's an old Trolly bridge and has wonderful flowers all season long.

We toured Edith Whartons home The Mount in Lenox MA.

Took a long weekend and went to Rockport Mass. 
 This is the Sally Webster Inn where we stayed. 

The homes along the ocean and the flower gardens are fabulous.

A view of the harbor at Rockport.
We took a tour down parts of the Connecticut River under the French King Bridge.  Saw two Bald Eagles but the picture is just a white spot in the trees.

My husband and I ordered Lobster in Rockport of course!!
My first selfie with my husband on  my hand-me-down IPhone!!