Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Corncockle and Dragonfly

Life sometimes gets in my way.... I finished corncockles and dragonfly several days ago but didn't find the time to blog it. I decided not to add the botanically correct name to the bottom as it looks really hard to do and I somehow managed to loose the thread I was supposed to use. SOOOO I can not do it and not feel guilty about it

Another thing I have been doing is collecting "stuff" for my next class I have signed up for with Candace Kling at Maureen Greesons.. I am soooo excited. I went to one of my favorite places last week in Brattleboro VT to collect fabric. If you ever get to this neat town go to Delectable Mountain Fabrics. Yummy yummy yummy . Its a small shop but packed with silks, velvets, vintage laces, buttons, etc... A little slice of Crazy Quilters heaven.
I am ready to go and looking forward to the class . I think there are still spaces available!!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Flying away

These are the wings for my dragonfly. I have no excuse now but to add her to the corncockles.
These are good wings for a beetle. I saw a beetle in flight and its wings come out from under the hard outer wing cases (elytra). I have some beetle elytra somewhere and I may try an experiment......
These are for some fantasy bug yet to be born!!!

Now if life will get back to normal whatever that is I can get back to stitching.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Sequined and Beaded Pins

I am still busy with "wings", however, I came across some sequined and beaded pins I made in another lifetime.  The first one I made as practice for my first Ecole Lesage classes. The pattern comes from Ecole Lesage Chez Vous page 116. As the book is in French and I do not speak or read French this is my copy with the sequins and rhinestones I had on hand.
My interpretation
Original pattern Ecole Lesage Chez Vous page 116
I also dabbled in beading and particularly like Laura Macabe. She had a shop in Mystic Ct at one time and gave classes there. I was fortunate to take a class from Laura at Maureen Greesons and also at Ann Benson's shop in Manchester Ct. This was my interpretation of some of the "eye" jewelry she loves to make. The eyelids were my idea.
They tend to freak people out so I don't wear them much. In case you want to check out Laura's web site here are a couple I found ...

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Corncockle and Dragonfly... continuing saga

Well I have just about completed the corncockles... A few finishing touches the center of the open flower, one of the ribs on the bud... (a bullion stitch ... 1 strand of silk on a #12 sharp needle with 24 wraps), and some bends with the tweezers to turn and twist the sepals into more pleasing places??
The top two dragonfly wings are almost done but I am afraid I will not be able to stop with this set of 4 wings. I can't possibly put scissors to these two sandwiched pieces of Divine metallic organza and waste the rest. I am on a mission to find some wings for another deserving butterfly or dragonfly or whatever to make at least one ... or more... sets of wings. I will be doing a lot of cutting when the time comes!!! soon I hope