Tuesday, November 1, 2016

The Witches Heart

I really have been working on this quilt although it is taking forever.  Finally finished the back.

The lace is and the velvet is sewn on by hand that is why it is taking forever.
I still have to tack down the lace with some sparkles.
You might ask why the name The Witches Heart!  The mother of pearl buttons in the center and the heart on the back with my initials in it have a twist at the bottom are called Witches Hearts.  
A little history I found.......(these are not my words sorry I lost the source) 
"Witch's hearts were worn for their "magical properties", that being to ward off evil spirits and protecting loved ones.  Interpretations in jewelry often change over time, through the changing perceptions of symbolism and society.  In the 18th century, they were tokens of love.  The Witches Heart came to mean that the wearer had   "bewitched" the giver."