Thursday, October 15, 2015

These are my favorite boots!!  Got them in black (shown) and brown at the "mall" 3 years ago in Aldo's. I was in a store catering to teenagers because I was shopping with my granddaughter.  She didn't find anything but I found the only boots in the store that didn't have 3" platforms. 
Needed to have them resoled over the summer so they are ready to go for another season!!  
I decided to add a little something to them... like they needed it!  So I cut black ultra suede to fit each boot and embroidered them with of course sequins, beads, and fringe!!

Now I think my brown ones need some cuffs!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

I was asked to design the June page for Pam Kellogg's (Kitty and Me Designs) 2016 CQ calendar.   The only requirement was that it included a hummingbird.
I spent a lot of time on  line and looking through books for pictures of hummingbirds.
This was my first attempt looking more like a fish!!
This is my second attempt.
 I wanted it to be ethereal.... but not so much like a lobster 
My third attempt looks more like an angry ant!! 
This is my forth attempt. The body was more in line with what I wanted but the wings were puny!!  
So I took out the sequins and made the wings bigger.
This is the final page.  Thanks Pam for including my work in your calendar.  Go to Kitty and Me Designs to get your own copy of the calendar.