Tuesday, September 28, 2010

EGA class with Jane Nicholas

Corncockle and Dragonfly
What a great class with a great teacher . Jane Nicholas has a way of getting you to work hard and enjoy it! This project could be a 5 day class but Jane managed to fit all the information into two days.
The products of my labor. The outline of a leave and stem, a tiny blue beetle, one corncockle,5 sepals, 8 corncockle petals and one dragonfly wing.
Photography can not do justice to such dimensional pieces. Jane had many samples of her works from her books Medieval Flora and Stumpwork and Gold Embroidery inspired by Turkish, Syrian and Persian Tiles on display. You do not realize how tiny and really magnificent the pieces are until you see them in person. I came home bursting with ideas for my current project. Before I return to them though....... I will have to finish this.
Jane NicholasShirlee Fassell
I was fortunate to sit next to Jane at lunch and dinner. A truly delightful two days!!!

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