Friday, December 28, 2012

The butterflies were a lot of work and I was not happy with the way I overlapped two of them on the circle..... so I made a new background.  This was by far the easiest way to redo the circle.  First I trace the ferns onto the organza, then I outline them with YLI green metallic thread and then colored them in with green fabric paint.

Then I cut the butterflies out of the old background and fixed them on the new.  Now they each have a  place of honor.

On the previous circle I used sequins to do the motion squiggles.  I really did not like the way they came out so I used Superior Glitter thread and really liked the results.  I like it so much I ordered 4 more colors on line and can't wait to get it.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Susan Elliot previewed  The Art of Embroidered Butterflies by Jane E. Hall on her blog just before I was to start this embroidery.   I decided to order the book and wait (hard thing for me to do waittttttt)  before I started this butterfly circle.  I was hoping to get a different perspective and some inspiration.  The book is truly beauitful but it is way way way out of my league so put it aside and resorted to my old stand by SEQUINS.... I ordered about 10 different colors of  2mm sequins from Cartwright's and here is the result.  The two top butterflies mushes into the one beneath.... might have to have a do-over!

These two lamé circles that will be on this panel along with the butterflies.  This panel will be the lace over purple lamé not the turquoise that is shown.  

Wishing you all a Happy Holiday Season!!