Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My first attempt at Crazy Quilting

I took a class with Lynn Payette at Maureen Greeson's old shop starting in 2000 or so. We met once every two months and started a twelve inch square designed by Lynn. We each used our own color scheme, threads, motifs etc so although the design was the same our individual choices of color and materials made them all look different. We had a ball and I made some great friends and sort of a quilt.
At the end of two years I had 16 twelve inch squares and not an inkling what or how to connect them together. As you can see I never sewed the squares together but had them framed and hung together to mimic a quilt.
In August 2003 I had a party to celebrate finishing Snow-White (measuring 32" by 18"), my non quilt and a milestone birthday!!
I had developed a love? passion? obsession? for Crazy Quilting!!!!!


  1. Welcome to bloggerland Shirlee!
    I look forward to more eyecandy!

  2. Hi Shirlee, I just came over from Maureen's and as she said, your work is beautiful! I'm following, and looking forward to more of your work.