Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Well after cleaning/organizing my stash and a little retail therapy I am feeling much better.
This is a book I recently purchased on Amazon on tambour beading.  Although it is in French I do enjoy looking at the pictures and trying to figuring out what they are doing.    
This book along with the weird wonky top I purchased at the Eileen Fisher sample sale leftover rack for $20 inspired a new project.
I liked the way this top in the book was embroidered so I took the side seams out of the Eileen Fisher top and made it symmetrical... actually it wasn't cut on the straight of the grain so it will always be a little wonky!
I copied the pattern in the book making it fit my top and changing it around to simplify it.
I found this "Sticky Wet N Melt" water soluble temporary stabilizer at the Worcester MA sewing show earlier in the year.  I mounted the stabilizer on a frame and just laid the top on it evenly and it stuck enough so I was able to work on it.  
I embroidered beads around the neckline and decorated the rest with beads and sequins.
The top  is washable and the beads and sequins are color fast. When I was done I cut away as much of the stabilizer as possible and ran cold water over the rest to remove the remainder of the stabilize.

Now I have a fancy top!!