Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The last flower embroidery for "My Ravel quilt" is completed.

I worked on the center red flower forever.  First I ironed on a layer of metal organza and outlined it with red metallic thread and black 15mm beads.  Next I embroidered 2 separate layers of tulle with the jagged outline of the flower and cut them out.  Then I outlined the center shape of the flower on velvet with 18mm metal faceted beads and cut it out. Finally I built a flower sandwich.

I have 3 more small solid circles to embroider  plus the motifs to complete before I can start assembling.
See the label "My Ravel" to see the rest of the designs.

Friday, February 8, 2013

After spinning my wheels for a couple of weeks and cleaning out my sewing room and and and I finally finished a couple of circles I sort of liked.

I also have been working on the motifs for the other two panels.  These travel easily when stitching with friends.

I also wanted to share my needle index book with you as I linked to Susan Elliots Plays with Needles.
I first got this in early 2002 when I took a class from Jane Nicholas.  The class supply list required 10 different needles.  I bought a large package of assorted John James needles and a needle index created by the Valley Quail Chapter of the EGA in Walnut Creek, CA.  I filled it for the class and have never stopped using it.  I love it.

I add a page in the back to honor my broken and very bent needles.