Sunday, September 5, 2010

Quilt Challenge 2012

I am working on a crazy quilt?? using the mostly the Luneville hook. Instead of using paper piece method in geometric shapes on muslin, I am working in circle shapes on silk organza. The quilt is divided into a center diamond shape and 4 corner sections. I am working on the corner sections right now.
As I begin each circle in the section I decide what design I want to use and audition different materials, sequins beads, threads etc.

I have chosen the materials and hooked beads around the outside of the circle, sequins and beads outline the center or the circle. Then I hooked a design in the center.

Two down and a million to go!! If you are interested in finding out about the 2012 quilt challenge go to

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  1. This is stunning Shirlee! They look like antique Japanese mirrors to me. I'm SO glad you've decided to start blogging. I've got you in my reader...