Thursday, August 16, 2012


The hardest part of this whole process for me is putting the pieces together.  All the circles are sewn on.  The first layer of sash is gold and it is basted on (not shown).  The top in the picture is representative of what the finished sash will look like.  Embroidered green intertwining circles with flowers and leaves over the gold lamé. 

I have spliced two of my slate frames together to accommodate the length of the sashes.  This is the top and bottom in process.

This is the side pieces.  Here you can get an idea of  the 6 1/2 feet length of the two frames.  I had to put a dowel in the mid section to keep them from sagging. 

In the evenings while watching TV I work on the leaves....  I ironed steam- a-seam lite onto the metal organza, cut out the leaf shape, ironed it onto organza, tacked it down so it doesn't lift and embroidered green sequins around the edges.  I have 30 completed, the 20 or so in the frame started and I have no idea how many more I have to do!!

School starts in a couple weeks and my GDD (grand daughter daughter) is starting High School so lots to do plus the  heat is slowing me down.   Hopefully in the next week I will have the sashes sewn on and the sandwich made. (Back batting and top sewn together and pipping completed.  Then I can concentrate on finishing the leaves and flowers.