Tuesday, December 6, 2011


I announced in my last post that Jane was the winner of the give away.  She chose the chicken and said she might frame it.  As  I left very little room around it I mounted it on black fabric by putting a circle of tortise sequins around it.  I will mail it out tomorrow.  

Here is the Silent Auction  blackboard at the fair, Christmas on the Green in Longmeadow, Mass.  For me the fair is a wonderful experience.  It's sponsored by the Women's Benevolent Society, the oldest organization of its kind in the country!!  The fair is the primary fund rasing activity and all proceeds from the fair are donated to local charities.   September until the fair date (the first Saturday in December) is a flurry of activities.. organizing, baking, making etc. etc.   All items are either made or donated by church members.. no vendors....  
As you can see #7 is my purse.  There was not a lot of bidding in general... I think it is  a sign of the times.  However my entry got 5 bids ending with the winning bid of $100.00.    

P.S.  Last year we donated over $14,000 to local charities... Early reports are that we topped that number this year!!


  1. Jane, You're going to love that bird!! I've seen it "in person" and photos never do Shirlee's work justice.

    I bid and was the winner of her purse. It should have gone for more! Just check the prices of those little beaded jobbies in the stores and this is "one of a kind" and gorgeous. Be sure to watch in case she does something else for her church next year. I'm sure she'd be happy to bid for you. It's for a good cause as well.