Thursday, December 22, 2011

Blue and Lavender circles

Blue and Lavender circles are completed.

The next circle made me feel like I was baking a cake...

I told you I would show you how I made the flowers so....  I used Japanese mokuba 1/4 inch picot edge ribbon (Shown above the ruler and the gathered piece) to make the flowers.   I usually cut 3 inch pieces but to make a tighter flatter flower I cut a 1 3/4 inch piece for each flower. 
This is probably something you already know how to do but....

1. Cut a 1 3/4 piece of ribbon for each flower you are making.
2. Carefully singe both ends to stop from raveling. (I cut all the pieces and turn on a burner on the electric stove and very very carefully ..  ever so slightly singe each end.
3. Sew the ends together, secure and run the thread through each picot to gather into the flower.
4. I cut a piece of a narrower mokuba lavender with a gold line through it about 1 inch long ... gathered it along one side and attached it in the center of the flower after it was sewn onto the fabric and put a 3mm crystal in the center. 

To make them a little more sparkly!!   
Before they are sewn onto the fabric
1. Add a size 15 czech bead between each picot on the ungathered side. 
2. Make a small circle of sequins to sit under the flower on the fabric you are attaching them to. Experiment

On a sad note Mr Lesage passed away quite recently.   For more details see the write up below.

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  1. Definitely very cake-like and the flowers look like delicious little parma violets. Yummy!