Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Rethinking my next project

 I have purchased three different fabrics for my new quilt background.  One was a piece of taffeta in a green gold color that is the same type and design fabric as my last project so its was hard to say no to it.  However... I have just decided that it is too green and I don't like it... I love the type fabric but the color is just not right.  So its back to the drawing board.  The background fabric is on the right.
The shiny fabrics are lame.  The gold mottled organza over the right side of the lame will be layered over each circle to mute the lame color but the shine will show through.  Of course I found the same lace for the frame of the quilt in ivory.  I also have 1000 12mm ivory AB dome sequins and a few 35mm huge marque shaped ivory AB sequins .. perhaps for the corners.
The flowers are made from the gold mottled organza.  When I went to NYC in October with Susan Elliot our first stop was at M.& S. Schmalberg  I gave them about 1/2 yard of the gold mottled organza and chose a flower style.  Two days later I received 200 organza flowers in the mail.  They did a wonderful job.  

I also have some great gold 3mm beads thanks to Maureen Greeson and of course lots of gold matt sequins.

Now I have to draft a new design as the new background fabric is a smaller piece.  The clock begins... now I will remember when I started this quilt.


  1. Exciting! It all sounds very yummy.

  2. I'll be watching to see what happens next!

  3. The colours are lovely and shimmery and the little flowers are brilliant - how amazing that they were made to order from the fabric you chose!

  4. yummy project coming our way! lovely, I follow you as usuall!!!
    regards from Argentina