Monday, November 28, 2011

Embroidered Evening Bag

Here is the final product.  I am really pleased at the end result.


The small bulls eye is the zipper pull.  The interior is salmon ultra suede. 
I printed out all the right answers and pulled Jane S. out of the hat.
So I will e-mail Jane and give her the choice of the two remaining designs.

Some of you have asked questions but I have no way of answering you.  I would love to look at all your blogs but I need a link.  It might be right in front of me but I sometimes am a little slow so e-mail me!!


  1. Oh that's just lovely!!!!! Congrats to Jane :-) (and you!)

  2. I'm so excited! Thank you Shirlee for picking my name out of the hat, and your black evening bag looks lovely. :)

  3. Yay! I guessed right! It made a lovely bag - and congrats to Jane for being the lucky winner!

  4. It's charming. I hope Jane can find a suitable event to flaunt it at!

  5. Hi Shirlee,

    I got your emails and have sent you another as it sounds like you didn't receive my first?

    Thank you again for the lovely embroidery! I'm very excited about being the winner. :)

  6. D*&n! I missed it! They were ALL beautiful and you did a great job finishing the bag. How much did it go for?

    I also noticed that the Mokuba ribbon in the green chenille circle...and I loved how the gear-like sequins look when attached on top of one another.

    I still have to rake my leaves and bake cookies so you're ahead of me for sure!!!

    Happy belated turkey day!