Thursday, December 15, 2011

Taking Stock

 I am taking stock of some of the circles I have already done that might fit into my new scheme.  Unfortunately I sometimes get sidetracked with and idea or subject matter I can not resist.  The following circle falls into this category.  It is a 4th-6th century Near Eastern senmury (dog bird).  I love him but he doesn't fit the scheme of this project.  I will save him for another day.

The next circles will be the repeats / motif of the quilt.

Most of the circles will inspired by early 20th century stamping patterns.
Both of the rose colored circles are the same color.  the light makes them look different.
The circle I am working on now is lavender.  A flower will go in each place there is a  black dot.  When it is completed I will give more details on how the flowers are made.

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  1. I just LoVe your doggy! He could be a feature somewhere all on his own....