Thursday, January 30, 2014

Not a Pretty Picture!!

This week has been busy every with everything but what I want to do STITCH!!

SO the purse is at a standstill....................
                        but last Friday I started a new class.   I signed up for a "Form and Draping" class last year.  It's at the University of Rhode Island (only a 2 hour Drive) and is part of the their Master Seamstress Program.  I want to start sewing clothes to embroider so I decided to invest in a dress form.  At the first class you strip to your undies and then you are covered with a plastic bag. The instructor and her helper coat you with plaster bandages. They partially dry very quickly and the form is cut off your body.  Then the two halves are dried more thoroughly with the aid of a blow dryer.  Once dry you stitch the front and back together and the seams are cover with more bandages and dried.   
You take the form home letting it dry completely.  So here it is on my dining room table.  Today I coated the inside with Vaseline YUCK!!  Next I will close the neck and arm holes with more bandages and once dried coat the inside with Vaseline.  When I return to class tomorrow the form will be filled with foam.
 (The Vaseline will allow the bandages to be easily removed from the hardened foam).
To be eye candy here!!


  1. That's so neat! I was wondering how they were going to do that.

  2. That looks more efficient and quicker than using duct tape.

  3. How fascinating Shirlee - it will be a great asset when fitting your clothes!

  4. I did this once. but, we never finished the lady next door caught us. and she had a mannequin in her basement and gave me her izzy mannequin. so we proceeded to take it off. Glad to see it did work.

  5. OMG! Just looked at your blog while on the Ruffles Hop. I did this in college, soooo many years ago. We had to make a cover, put tape on the waist, hips and princess line over the bust. I kept it for many years, but no longer have it. My dressmaking days are over-now a quilter, so much easier. LOVE your ruffle posts.