Monday, January 27, 2014

Lots of things happening this month.  I am teaching a class in Tambour  in February and also taking a "Form and Draping" Class at the URI. Too much in my head to work on a "big" project so I decided to work on a someone else's abandoned project.

It all started in September I went to the Textile show at the Host Hotel in Sturbridge with Maureen Greeson.  During the show I spotted this beaded purse.  The side pictured below was finished up to the 3 flowers at the top of the basket of flowers and there was a box containing the beads and blank other side.  I really wanted it, but I have developed the ability of late to resist temptation, so I walked on.
 Had a great time at the show and when I was dropping Maureen off at her house on my way home she popped a bag from the back seat and wallah!!!  She presented me with the purse saying she wanted me to have it and it was just something I could look at... and not to worry about finishing.
Easier said then done!!!  There were not enough beads to finish the other side so I decided to finish this side and make it a pouch in a leather bag.  

I found a pattern and modified it to accommodate the beaded pouch.   I used the dark brown leather that my late friend Adrian had sent me and mounted it on the frame with a gusset from green heavy fake ultra suede.

This is how the pouch will be attached to the bag... still thinking about the sides.. needs something.

On the back I embroidered a basket to carry the theme.  The flowers are on the side and will be cut out and attached to the basket.

a small flower grouping on the gusset... plus?? 

Today Dr's appts and stitching later.
I want to thank everyone for The GYBParty!!!  Welcome to my new followers and I am happy to have new blogs to follow....I checked everyone of the 575 or whatever the number was out.  


liniecat said...

that's utterly beautiful!
Your work is stunning : )

Maureen said...

Shirlee, That is beautiful...great finishing idea. Reen

Lorena Rey said...

Oh my !!! It's simply gorgeous !!!

Wendy said...

what beautiful work. Is it bead embroidered onto fabric, or beaded to make a piece of fabric? You managed to visit all 575 of us? I'm still only about 2 thirds of the way through!

Baby Fig said...

It's so beautiful! A very creative way of finishing the piece!