Tuesday, January 21, 2014

How I got my blog redesigned!!

For a long time I have noticed that a lot of the bloggers I follow have stopped posting or post very infrequently.  I certainly understand as I am also guilty of slowing down.  Last week I noticed a link on Suziqus threadworks  for a 2014 Grow Your Blog Party.  I followed the link and even though I had missed the deadline I was able to sign up for the PARTY. 

 I am going to PARTY --- I need a new "dress"!!

My blog layout has been awkward for a long time.  I have little patience for trying to figure it out and have long wanted to get someone to "Professionally" redesign my blog appearance.  
Through the Blog Party post I got Karen Valentines name and sent her an e-mail... The rest is History..... Love my new look and hope you all like it to!!  Thanks Karen... her tag is at the end of my blog page.
The pictures in the header were taken by Susan Elliott 


  1. Very pretty and you had the best blog designer out there! I love my blog karen designed for me too!
    See you at the blog party!'
    Heartful Hugs Marilou

  2. It is a really sophisticated look...perfect for you!!! Gerry K.

  3. Wonderful blog! So happy I found you via GYB party! You have a new follower. I love Lesage embroidery and have wanted to study and take classes there for years. I took a beading course years ago and the instructor had studied there... wow!!! Just so delighted to find your blog.