Sunday, May 6, 2012

A Tribute to Adrian

In November of 2011 I received my first e-mail from Adrian.  He was in living in Paris temporarily well attending classes at Ecole Lesage.  He told me that reading my blog had inspired him to fulfill his dream of taking these classes.   He had saved and planned and was living in Paris for 6 months.   Over the next four month we e-mailed frequently chatting about Lesage classes and different techniques.   I shared with him some of my experiences and also the best places I had found to shop for supplies like sequins in Paris.  
In my last e-mail to him I suggested we have tea in NYC when he returned as I was planning a shopping trip there.  He replied he would not be able to as his schedule would not give him the time.

In February I stopped hearing from him.

Life gets busy... when I had not heard from him in March I sent several e-mails but had no reply. 

In April I received an e-mail from his nephew saying after a long illness he had passed away.

I wanted to show you his work.  He completed two Level I pieces,  both in different colors then the one I did.  

Gold Raffia on the flowers and white chenille leaves

Once you have completed the Level you can purchase additional "kits" of the same piece.

He also made this pillow for his sister.  The pattern is from the pattern book  Ecole Lesage Chez Vous.

When his nephew advised me of his death he also told me Adrian had asked that all of his embroidery supplies be sent to me.  So over the last several weeks I have received two boxes.  One containing fabrics and leather and the other containing beads, sequins, and his tools. 

It makes me sad when I look at all of the wonderful things I have received from his estate and I must remember he wanted me to use them in the craft we both love so much.


  1. dont be sad Shirlee, think about his desire when he sent you the boxes. Maybe a simple tribute piece dedicated to Adrian will be a good reason to keep you smiling while you embroider

  2. They'll be used with the love and memories of a good friendship :-)

  3. It's wonderful that your blog was such an inspiration to Adrian, Shirlee. It helped him fulfill his dream to attend LeSage and live in Paris and that's a very good thing! It's just plain cool that he would gift you with his supplies... I know you will do something extra special with them in his honor.

  4. I'm so sorry that you lost a friend, but the story of how your work inspired his is heartwarming. His stash will be used with love.

  5. I wonder if he knew he was sick and decided to fulfill his dream of living and studying in Paris before he died? It's such a beautiful and tender story Shirlee...I'm so glad you decided to blog when you did so you could guide him and be-friend him. His life was enriched by having known you, and vice versa.

  6. Shirlee, I'm very sorry for the loss of your friend. He sounds like an amazing person with a real zest for life, and it's obvious that you two were a positive influence on each other.

    It's natural to be sad looking at the things from his estate. It might take awhile before you feel anything else. But you're right, he wanted you to have them to use in the craft that brought you two together -- so when you're ready, I know you'll make something he'd be proud of.


  7. Shirlee ... I think it's amazing how the Net can connect us with such wonderful people. Adrian found inspiration in your work ... enough to fulfill his dream. It is sad that he has passed away ... but awesome that he chose to bequeath his supplies to you ... knowing that you would use them to create even more inspiring pieces.

  8. Shirley, How terribly sad that your friend Adrian passed away - I'm so sorry. He knew your love of the art and knew that his treasures would be treasured by you.