Monday, April 30, 2012

My GDD's (granddaughter daughter)  BFF moved away this past weekend so the girls had a last sleepover Friday night which always leads to a Saturday sleep in.   Saturday my DH was off for the day in pursuit of the perfect train picture, so I was left to my own devices. After my am coffee at Starbucks and an estate sale on the way home I arrived back at 9:30am.   The sleep in put me out of my normal stitching area and I was relegated to my sewing room with nothing to do but quietly make flowers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. 
 So I prepared the fabric, let it dry, cut it into appropriate squares and heated the molds...... and for the rest of the day I molded, cut out and remolded flowers.   I probably made 40 large and 80 or so small.

Large flowers for the quilt border

Small flowers ... don't know what for yet!!!
More small flowers different shape

Stamping and cutting complete... believe there are lots more than this!!!

The completed flowers for the border...  The Lame flower with organza petals over it.  The center is a dome sequin with some glass glitter applied i.e. I glued it....

This is an experiment with the border design...
The actual design will be different.  It will be outlined with the green metallic and the leaves will be done separately in sequins and sewn on.    Maybe... Sometimes when I get there it doesn't look just right so it may change.
Thanks Arlene I love your molds!!!! 

Arlene does not have a web site or a blog... so sad....... but her e-mail address is or she can be called at (562) 928-3583.


  1. The border sample looks lovely so far and to imagine with sequins,*sigh*, is simply wonderful. I can't believe you made so many flowers in one day. Way to go!

  2. Wow! Those moulded flowers are amazing!

  3. Really enjoying seeing how you are using the flowers - love the lame.

  4. Your flowers are AWESOME!! What a great day! You making flowers inside, God making flowers outside....I just love them ALL and I wish I could see this quilt up close and personal!! Did i say AWESOME?