Saturday, May 12, 2012

Host Hotel Textile Show & Brimfield Flea Market

The Textile Show, Monday at the Host Hotel in Sturbridge MA, kicks off the week long events in Sturbridge and Brimfield Mass. 
My first purchase were these vintage beads.  They usually go for $25 a bunch these days but I got all five for $45.

Tinsel Trader Booth

Tinsel Trader Booth

Tinsel Trader Booth

Tuesday through Saturday the fields in Brimfield Mass open boasting over 4000 dealers.
There are plenty of "free" areas or fields each with different names to explore.  Each day a "pay field" as in $5.00 to get in opens. We have been going to Brimfield Monday through Friday.... May, July and September... yes every day... for more years then I can remember.  So we have our own system.  Monday I usually go alone or with the "girls".  The Host show is all textile dealers and can be very pricey.  Not many bargains but lots of gorgeous things to look at.

On Tuesday we usually get there about 8am and start at Shelton's field.  I have 2 or 3  fave dealers there and usually head straight to them like a homing pigeon...  My fave dealer Thoroughly Antiques has a shop in Concord MA.   I have never been there but hope to some day.  Her tent is always delightful even if I don't find something I can not live without. 
Thoroughly Antiques from Concord MA

Thoroughly Antiques from Concord MA

Thoroughly Antiques from Concord MA

This time was no exception.  Cary, the owner, had these vintage steel cut size 15 beads tucked away.  They are hard to find and her prices were great.  I love to use them to embroider my name or chop on my work.

Wednesday is my favorite day because New England Motel opens at 6am, Heart of the Mart opens at 9AM and Jeanne Hertan opens at 12noon.   No biggies until I got to Heart of the Mart.  They have a huge circus tent filled with vintage textile and clothing dealers my fave dealer there had nothing I wanted but another one had these tiny, size 15, clear glass beads that go with all the glass buttons I have amassed and I could not resist. 
I also visited another of my fave dealers Beads by Sandy.  I always find something unusual there and this time was no exception.  He is on line but tends to have different things at Brimfield and sometimes better prices.
These metal 3mm sequins were something I had to have. 

Thursday is Mays and Friday is J and J.  Found a few things but nothing great.  I have a whole list of things I look for and it just happened all I found mostly were beads this time around.  Have to wait until July...................


elmsley rose said...

Yummy! :-)

Saturday Sequins said...

What a fun event! The beads and sequins you bought are gorgeous. :)

I wish I'd know about this show when I was living in New England!

Mariel, en Funes said...

wow! I would love to visit the store... all those tresures!!!!

Lorraine said...

Thank you for the tour - look forward to more. Brimfield is on my bucket list!