Monday, May 21, 2012

Forget-Me-Not Pillow

I have finished 3/4 of the background for my Lame Psychedelic Circle quilt and have one more circle to complete.  For some reason I am dragging my feet and choosing to work on other things....

This is one of the projects that I promised to my friend Cheryl.
Last year for her birthday/house warming present I made the picture below.  This is it before it was finished.  I found I did not take a picture of the completed project.  The tissue paper circle in the lower left is a circle of forget-me-nots around my chop (initials).

The flowers are raffia with beads in the center.  The leaves are floss and sequins and some are woven ribbon floss.  It did get completed and is framed and on her wall.   
This year I promised a pillow for her bed to coordinate with the above picture.  
She loves forget-me-nots so I used my Arlene Baker flower mold and Dye Candy blue velvet to make my own version of forget-me-knots.
The poem is from a vintage "motto picture" and it is unattributed.
The writing is done with the "tambour hook" using YLI metallic cranberry thread and beads.   

close-up of flowers 
Now the fun begins... I have a pillow form 20" by 16" , the black duponi and all I have to do is sew it into a pillow covering..............

I think I will work on my the last part of my Lame Psychedelic Circle quilt ................................


  1. Well, I'm thinking she must be a very good friend because both pieces are stunning!

    That being said, I can completely relate to dragging my feet toward the end of a not wanting to sew a pillow together...good luck with both!

  2. how tenderly! It's so beautiful and charming! Great work!

  3. Lovely projects Shirlee. Love have you have used Arlene's mold.

  4. now the fun begins you said... it is allways fun to watch you work.
    do you know those flowers are called "no me olvides"...

  5. Shirlee, those pieces are beautiful! What a lucky friend you have. :)

    I was wondering. What are flower molds, exactly, and how do you use them? If they are what I think they are... I may have to get some for a project I've got in mind.

  6. Hi Shirlee ... Forget-me-nots are such lovely flowers & I totally love how you've created them here.

    Thanks for sharing!

    Hugs ... Marie

  7. Wow, that is gorgeous! The cranberry goes so well with the forget-me-not blue and the slight sparkle is really subtle.

  8. Hi Shirlee....I just read your entire blog looking for anything you might have covered on Tambour Embroidery? Not beads and sequins but compact chain stitch uppermost, with thicker thread than you would use for Tambour Beading. I'm looking at pieces that are pre-Luneville...