Thursday, June 14, 2012

One of my students/friend is going on a cruise and she made herself a linen wrap.  She embroidered some flowers and leaves on white organza cut them out, sewed the applique to the wrap, and added a beautiful lace to the edge.  Great job Jean!! It is really is beautiful.

I have been working on my Psychedelic Circle quilt and have it sewn together. 

I took several pictures as each one looks different because the lamé fabric picks up the light differently each time.  The circles on the right side are not sewn on yet and there are two that are still on a frame.  The small blue one is done but the brown one is still in progress.
I am plugging away at it and in between I am practicing my Lesage skills as I am going back to Ecole Lesage Paris this summer to take Level 4.

P.S. When I went back into my sewing room I discovered my little friend was trying to help out!!


  1. What a beautiful wrap!

    I love how your quilt is coming along, too. Shiny and sparkly -- that's my kind of quilt! :)