Sunday, January 20, 2019

Completed Pendleton fabric bag

If you still need a calendar for 2019 why not order Pam Kellogg beautiful Crazy Quilt Calendar.   I am honored that she asked me to design the cover. 

Completed the bag made out of Pendleton fabric and leather.  The fabric looks different front and back but it is all out of the same piece. 

love the hands!

Inside view not the neatest but better then it looks!

Now I need to spray the leather waterproofing and it will be ready to give away!

Necklace made out of fancy paper clips and misc beads!


  1. Some beautiful makes here Shirlee... I particularly like the necklace..... so clever! Congratulations on being a 'cover girl'!! Christine xx

  2. Your bag is wonderful - and you're giving it away???!!! I would definitely want to use that one myself. And the necklace - how clever is that!

  3. Such creative and lovely handbag! As well as the necklace! I love the colors of the handbag as well!