Thursday, December 27, 2018

New pocketbook

I found this piece of Pendleton wool a couple years ago and wanted to make a purse out of it.

Searching around I found this bag pattern from  I like to use Texture magic so ordered the pattern.


I had a piece of fine leather so I cut out the flap 30% larger then the pattern sewed batting and texture magic to it and using steam shrank the texture magic giving this puffy effect.  I then sewed beads at each intersection

I know this doesn't look like the same fabric but it is all the same piece. Under the flap is a pocket I sewed on with beads and using floss went around the pocket with the (my favorite) Portuguese knot stitch.

Had to bead the hands!


Still a work in progress ... the strap was really hard as my machine would not go through all the thicknesses.  The flap is just basted on , no lining yet and more support for the strap nest time. 


  1. I took a professional level class in millinery and bag making back in the day. On a bag like this, I would extend the straps around the bottom, like a circle. Then your sure they’ll hold

  2. Wow, great looking purse. Love the bead work.

    Have a wonderful 2019 ~ FlowerLady

  3. Don't 'cha love when a project finally comes together? Sometimes a piece of fabric waits for years to be used in my stash. beautiful job!

  4. I never would have thought that you could use Texture Magic on leather - what a great effect and so perfect with the fabric you used. Looks great!

  5. Awesome bag. Thanks for sharing the process.

  6. How wonderful to be the cover artist! The bag is fabulous! Well done!