Wednesday, April 4, 2012

I have been very busy the last few weeks getting ready to teach an introductory class in Tambour Hook.  In the midst of it all I lost my camera so was unable to take any class pictures.  I had 6 students from NY, NJ and Mass.   The first day of the class was very  busy lots of "SHIRLEE" I am stuck...I can't start my thread... I can't end my thread... Look I put in 6 sequins... (2 minuter later) *!*@@ I just pulled out all 6!!!  I dropped my beads!!! I made a big hole and I can't get around it..and lots of @*! muttered under their breath....  Believe me I have heard it all before and done the exact same things when I was learning.  At the end of the first day I was fearful that one lady was not going to return  to finish the class.

But low and behold the evening passed  and the next morning all 6 return bright and early (8:30).  With a little more practice the night before even the most frustrated was having success with the chain stitch, attaching beads and sequins, and  the fill stitch.

Anyone that would like to take a class E-mail me .  With enough interest (6 minimum) I will schedule one

This is a picture of the class project... 
I spent most of today, clearing out and cleaning up our class space and putting everything away. 
As I was driving into the garage about a half hour ago I had a flash of lucidity and remembered had  stuck my camera on a shelf in the garage because I was in a hurry (nothing new) and didn't want to carry it with me wherever I was going that day.    Phew!!!!


  1. Lovely works, with such a variety of stitches...inspiring.
    -Eva Maria

  2. Hi Shirlee--

    I've never done tambour, but it looks interesting (and small enough that I might be able to actually finish it, unlike the other classes I've taken recently).

    I'd sign up for this if you offered it.

    Carol S.

  3. What a pretty class project! I love sequin flowers.

    I'm so glad you're teaching tambour! I'll make sure I include that information in my upcoming blog post. :)

  4. looks interesting for a first proyect class!! Isnt life (of a teacher) nice? we can answer 5 question at the time and sometimes we keep the smile!!!

    have a good week!

  5. Shirlee, Please let me know when you are thinking of starting another beginners class. I love to work with beads and would love to learn a new technique.