Monday, March 19, 2012

 I recently gave a presentation for a womens group in Longmeadow MA.
My "Couture Circle quilt and Lesage pieces in the background.

In the background are my crazy quilt pieces and crazy quilt.

My new Psychedelic Circle quilt.

This is  the first piece I did when I was trying to figure out what/how I was going to make my Couture circle quilt.
 I like to pass it around so people can touch and examine.

Chatting after the presentation.
The best picture I have of my completed quilt was taken at the presentation.

I thoroughly enjoy giving presentations.  The two things I learned from these pictures were ...I needed a hair cut bad... which I did and I need to loose 20 lbs or so which I am working on!!!!!!


  1. Every time I see this quilt, I see something I missed. xo

  2. Loose 20lb? Nah!

    I had no idea how large the psychadelic circles project was!!

  3. te ves muy linda y comoda dictando tu clase.
    felicitaciones. tu proyecto se ve maravilloso a escala real.
    un saludo!

  4. Okay, how can I find out if you do another talk? I have been following your work for a while here and I am captivated by it and would love to see some up close to really understand how working with the hook goes. I am just in South Hadley right now, so Longmeadow would have been no trouble at all! Please announce if you are going to do another one!

  5. Kris
    I will be teaching a class April 2,3 in Longmeadow... My things will be on display. E-mail me and perhaps you can stop by for a peek.

  6. You and your quilts both looked fantastic! Wish I still lived in MA- I would love to see both you and your gorgeous work. Jane in MO

  7. Fabulous works :)
    -Eva Maria

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  10. Something else that comes so strongly off the pictures is how passionate you are about your work - look at that body language!

  11. I am very admiring of your work, this crazy quilt is beautiful, congratulation for your pupils, and presentations, which have to have a lot of success!

    Beautiful day