Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Vacation is over!!

 I really have not been vacationing but have been stitching and experimenting.  I have my next circle quilt drafted.  I am using a gold spotted organza layered over various colors (10 different shades) of lame.  The organza mutes the loud colors of the lame and makes the organza change color and shine.  I have purchased several background fabrics and am not sure yet which one I will use...  Actually I am still looking

 The above sequins are "pailettes a l'ecaille" . I have been discussing this stitch with another Lesage grad and blogger Jess .  She gave me some tips but I have not been very successful pulling this off using the Hook so I used a needle and applied them one at a time.  I am happy with the "scaly" results.
The circles measure 5 to 8 inches each and  I am doing most individually.  Two groups overlap so I will do those as a unit.

 This is a repeat of the repeating motif I will do in light medium and dark shades.
 I have a paper pattern of the layout of the quilt and this circle is laying on the pattern in its place.
I had the raffia flowers I did for my friends birthday framed in plain black as she wanted.  My chop is surrounded by forget-me-nots her favorite..

Back to my circles..........


  1. I have just discovered your blog, and I think your work is just stunning. you are a very talented lady.

  2. Can't wait to see the blue one first hand. It's wonderful!!!

  3. How do I pick the most beautiful one? I must say I'm a sucker for dragons - he (she?) is absolutely magnificent!!

  4. Lovely, lovely work, Shirley. That last pink circle is killer!

  5. Hello Sherlee!! how are you? just creating beautiful pieces!! I came back from hollydays in Europe today and coudnt wait to tell you that I have been looking closely to "mallorquin embroidery" and it has some points in common with your hook technique. So interesting! unfortunally there are no publications in Mallorca about this old technique and very few examples to buy today. When I saw it I inmediatly remember your work. It was a great chance to see the lady embroider with a crochet hook!!
    as usual, I love everything you publish. With admiration

  6. The blue griffin in stunning!!

  7. Love the blue dragon!