Sunday, October 23, 2011

Church Fair 2011

Every year at this time I like to make something for the church Christmas Fair.  The "Fair"is a big deal in my church as the event is totally run, and all items are donated or made by members of the church.  The proceeds are donated to local charities.  So.....I decided to attempt a small purse with a design on the front.  The design I have been working on is a small chicken standing on a branch with a big flower over his head. 
In my last post I talked about "pailettes a l'ecaille" and I did it with a needle instead of the "hook"  While I have been practicing and this time I was able to use the hook to apply the sequins in this design so I do not consider this a total failure. 

Unfortunately I have abandoned my chicken.  I was not happy with the background, the vine was bad and the poor chick was too short!!!  SO back to the drawing board.
I have not been idle however.  At the last fair meeting I was given a piece of old CQ someone thought would (and of course I was elected) make a nice pillow for the fair silent auction.  I spent last week repairing a few really bad spots.  Then I took the easy way out by sashing it to fit a ready made frame from Michaels.  It probably won't make the silent auction but it will go nicely in the picture gallery.


  1. your standards are so high!!! I would keep that chicken, definetly! and I wait to see what you come up with on the CQ project.
    Saludos desde Argentina!!

  2. Hi Shirlee~ i love your chicken! As an avid luneville embroider myself (I study with Bob Haven at the U. of Kentucky school of Fine Arts and also at Lesage in Paris), I think your sequins look quite fine and your chicken is beautiful. I would not put this project aside yet! I admire anyone who attempts their own patterns. It is very difficult determining which threads, beads, yarns, fabrics, sequins, etc., to use and where! Keep up the lovely work. :-)