Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Another Quilt in my HEAD!!

I have ideas and fabric for a couple more Quilt projects and have been thinking about it for a while.  I have drafted the layout  and am working on the motif for my next "quilt".  Last year I found some modeled gold silk organza that changes colors when layered over other fabric and looks great over shiny things like lame.  These circles are layered over silvery white lame. 
The sequins I bought in Paris and have lots of them so I have been saving them for a large project.

The difference in color is because I used a flash in the following one to pick up the sparkles.

The smaller flowers will be cut out and placed in the center of the larger circles.   

I wasn't going to post this for a while but I saw Susan Elliott's post today and felt like I was keeping up with the fashion.      

I am awaiting samples in the mail of a variety shades of  Lame and background fabric.         


  1. Isn't it just exhilerating to start a new project...??? I keep track of your project.. Gerry K.

  2. Pretty circles Shirlee!! I'm excited to see it first hand.

  3. oooo, the pieces must sparkle so much!
    I hope your sampler back arrives soon :-)

  4. Fabulously sparkly!