Monday, July 11, 2016

I have spent the last week trying to figure out what my background would be.  When I do something like this I need lots of  the item so I have enough to finish without running out.  So I have been counting squares and beads to estimate if I have enough.  

This is the pattern I have decided on.   I have enough of the gold and black beads but the 4mm black lacquer sequins, item I need the most of,  I am iffy on the. I would order another hank from  Langlois-Martin but they are on vacation till the end of August.
I am pretty sure I have enough 4mm to finish the perimeter and if I run out I plan to switch to 5mm for the center bits. 

Brimfield starts tomorrow so I will be off poking around there for the rest of the week.
Then back to business on Saturday!!

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  1. Counting beads - wow. I'd be terrified to run out - and if I were to drop one on the floor I'd be devastated. Dropping beads on the carpet in my sewing room is a constant source of angst - they immediately get sucked up in the fibers, never to be seen again. Gotta love carpet in apartments!!