Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Brimfield Flea Market in July is HOT and sort of quite with a lot  fewer dealers. 
This dealer sells the most wonderful garden fountains etc.  Walking through this area is so refreshing!

There were two pristine crazy quilts both with the same date 1882.  
Each was small but wonderful.  The edging was beautifully done.

The edge with the flower and leaves ends on the right with the herringbone stitch binding.  The fern design is the edging of the
second quilt.

I did find a few treasures.  I couldn't resist this roll of  2" ribbon  .... I can see it as a border on a wall hanging 
I was concerned about running out of 4mm black laquer sequins for my current project.  I tried to order more from Langlois-Martin in France but they closed for vacation until the end of August. 
I found this piece of damaged trim that is about 10" wide and 2 yards long for $20!!  I can rescue more than enough 4mm black laquer sequins to finish my project.  The bugle beads will probably find a home as well.

Thanks Nicki-Lee I couldntt resist this quilt top.  Its not nearly as pretty as yours but I might get to some Crazy quilting on it eventually!! 


  1. I wonder if those crazy quilts were made by the same person. I don't suppose the creator(s) were identified beyond the year they were made. I have an old one that I discovered after my mother died and have no clue who did it, although it was dated. How I wish there had at least been initials on it so I would have a further clue about its origins.

  2. I tried to get to Brimfield, again, but didn't. I love the crazy quilts. I'll bet they sold! I'm glad you found your sequins! xo

  3. Beautiful finds! The photos of the quilts are wonderful eye candy! Love the edgings.

  4. I love seeing picture about Brimfield
    Those crazy quilts were wonderful, wondering if the price was reasonable enough to purchase? or was dealer just really showing them off

    I have wanted to go to Brimfield ever since I first heard about it on blogs

    thanks for sharing pictures