Friday, September 19, 2014

I have always needed a lighted magnifying lamp when I embroider.  For years I used this model which worked well, but after time the springs would squeak, the arm wouldn't stay put, and the nuts that held the screws in place fell off and got vacuumed up until it finally fell apart.  I have probably gone through 4 or 5 of them.
About 5 years ago my husband surprised me with a Luxo lamp that looked a lot like the spring one above but as the literature says the "45" patented internal spring K-arm offers an infinite number of adjustable positions and an adjustable neck moves the Magnifier, head vertically and horizontally to provide total flexibility. Once adjusted, perfect balance is maintained by tempered steel springs"Fabulously it does all that but last week it stopped working.   What we thought was a simple bulb replacement turned into a switch problem.   My husband looked on-line and saw they have a new LED model.  To make a long story short this baby arrived at our door last night!! 

Its wonderful the light is so bright I just love it!!
It goes where you want it to and stays put!

This is a shirt I am working on.  I will show more in a later post.
No one is paying me for this endorsement!! 


  1. That lamp looks like it means business. Should I hope the switch on mine goes bad?

  2. Several years ago I had a similar lamp to the one in the first photo and it wouldn't stay in place so I got rid of it. Might be tempted to try this new type.

  3. This is exactly where I for a new one... I just ordered one from Amazon but now I wish I had ordered a different one. How many diopters is yours... is the light LED? What is the brand and model. I had my old one for eons and hold it in place with rods but I need a stronger one.. and I'd like a bigger lens...

  4. Bonjour
    D'accord avec vous, l'eclairage est essentiel en broderie.
    Bientot nous decouvrirons se qui se cache sur cette chemise...

  5. What a sweet husband for helping you with that. So glad you found a lamp that works for you so you can continue to make your beautiful things.

  6. So that's why your work looks superb!