Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Well after cleaning/organizing my stash and a little retail therapy I am feeling much better.
This is a book I recently purchased on Amazon on tambour beading.  Although it is in French I do enjoy looking at the pictures and trying to figuring out what they are doing.    
This book along with the weird wonky top I purchased at the Eileen Fisher sample sale leftover rack for $20 inspired a new project.
I liked the way this top in the book was embroidered so I took the side seams out of the Eileen Fisher top and made it symmetrical... actually it wasn't cut on the straight of the grain so it will always be a little wonky!
I copied the pattern in the book making it fit my top and changing it around to simplify it.
I found this "Sticky Wet N Melt" water soluble temporary stabilizer at the Worcester MA sewing show earlier in the year.  I mounted the stabilizer on a frame and just laid the top on it evenly and it stuck enough so I was able to work on it.  
I embroidered beads around the neckline and decorated the rest with beads and sequins.
The top  is washable and the beads and sequins are color fast. When I was done I cut away as much of the stabilizer as possible and ran cold water over the rest to remove the remainder of the stabilize.

Now I have a fancy top!!


  1. You now have a designer one-of-a-kind top and you should be very proud to wear it! I would never tackle anything like that.

  2. Wonderful
    you did a great job , I love looking at your buttons in the previous post .
    I have drawers of buttons from years pas and don't find many vintage buttons much any more
    I know there is a button show in Springfield Mo this month however can't make it

  3. Oh my goodness, how lovely Shirley! I love Eileen Fisher clothes too!

  4. If you need some translation for your book ask me. I ave it at home... Glad you are back to yourself

  5. Oh my what a transformation Shirley!
    You are amazing! It looks fantastic!

  6. Bonjour
    Moi aussi j'envisageais de réaliser ce modèle mais le temps me manque.
    Marie Angele

  7. J' ai aussi ce livre que j aime , très jolies vos réalisations !