Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Its been a long hot summer already and I have loads of excuses for not posting...sick granddaughter, sick friends, the weather, the broken finger that refuses to feel good... etc etc.  But none of this stopped me from going to Brimfield last week.  

The May show was the largest in my memory and this July show was perhaps one of the smallest.  Many dealers don't come to the July show.  The handful of my favorite dealers I make a beeline for were not there.  

I did find a dealer at Heart of the Mart field on Wednesday that had lots of interesting textiles.  We chatted and she said she had a large box of lace that she had forgotten.  She said would be at May's field on Thursday and she said she would bring the box of lace.
Well I stumbled on her booth on Thursday and asked if she had brought the lace.... she had again forgotten it.... to my sort of relief... I already have more lace pieces then I will ever use in this life time.  I did poke through her goods and found a box filled with old/new stock of ready made packs of initials.  I went through the alphabet looking for my initials and found them in black and white.  

I have to put a label on my Couture Circle quilt for the Hartford quilt show in August.  These inspired me to make the following label which I will sew onto the back of my quilt.
I outlined the initials with beads and wrote my name, quilt name and date around them.  
She was trying to sell the box of initials as a lot... but because she forgot the lace she gave me the 6 packs of letters for nothing!!

Stay COOL!!

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