Thursday, May 23, 2013

Well it sure doesn't pay to break your little finger!!  No stitching and just sitting on the couch with my "time waster" I-Pad spending money!!  Also Brimfield was last week and I managed to go a couple days and visit some of my favorite dealers. 

The stars and the pinwheel sequins are from Berger Beads vintage sequin selection.

The metal steel cut arrow was $1.00 on a table of junk at Brimfield and I could not resist. 
The 1/2 circles are from the French connection I found last month. 

The bar sequins.... several sizes and colors are also from Berger beads.

The soutache is usually $1.00 a yard at vintage textile dealers.  This package was $2.00 for 6 yards.
The metal steel cut beads were in a plastic baggie of junk for $2.00.

The green, white,and purple sew ons and yellow cog sequins are from my fav bead guy at Brimfield... Old and pricey.  The squares are from Berger beads.

This does not count the new pants, summer tops, and shoes ... I did loose some weight...  that Mr Visa is gonna come collecting for at the end of the month.

Here are the links:

Berger Beads
Langlois and Martin


  1. Great shopping! Can't wait to see how you use them!

  2. Ooo, lovely new goodies!

  3. Just found your blog looking for information on Tambour embroidery, Wow, it is so beautiful, I don't think I've ever seen prettier, all I am trying to learn is chain stitch for now. Sorry your finger is broken,It would be hard to just sit.