Friday, November 16, 2012

Progress on my new project!!
 I am calling it "My Ravel".  When I first applied to Ecole Lesage I want to do a piece called Ravel.  It is fashioned after French 18th century textile prints inspired by Persian design.  That's when I discovered the Level thing at Lesage. The Ravel piece is Level 7 and I had to start at 1!!  I will never get to 7 so I am doing my own Ravel inspired wall hanging.  It will be about 36" wide and 45" or so Long.  There will be 3 panels one lace over turquoise Lamé, one over purple Lamé, and one over fuchsia Lamé.  Here is the turquoise panel.

The motif will be repeated in each panel in a different size and in
 the panel color.
Stitched the design with beads, black metallic thread, and 
some turquoise organza fringed and placed around the middle square.
Stitched the design with beads and black metallic thread.
I took fuchsia Lamé and stitched the design on it in black metallic thread.  Next I covered it with sheared tulle then copied the design on top of the tulle with thread and put the black flowers in the centers.  The tulle is too thick to see the shadow of the design under it.  Next I will have a lighter hand.

This is just a piece of weird ribbon trim tacked over Lamé.

and finally the panel layout.  I am not sure if I like it this way... Too ordered??    Nothing is sewed on yet so I will start the next panel and see what happens!!

Happy Thanks Turkey day!!


  1. Oh, dear Shirlee, I am just speechless in admiration of your work!

  2. Your designs are gorgeous - I love the effect the ruffled pink silk ribbon gives and the turquoise design is stunning!

  3. Amazing work you're doing, I admire and envy, I greet warmly.